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Handmade paper products are manufactured using a fully environmental friendly process and are 100% bio-degradable.
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On average, an adult elephant consume a diet of fruit, veg, leave and bark of about 180-200 kg (400 lbs.) per day, and produces around 100kg of dung a day. The elephant dung is absolutely perfect for making paper using traditional manual methods.

The production of elephant dung paper, contributes vastly to Sri Lankas rural community, providing a steady income as well as employment, and encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship.

ALE adheres fully to its fair trade principles, paying above award wages, refraining from employing child labour, provides safe working conditions and of course, maintaining a 100% Eco-friendly concept!

Some of our suppliers are so committed to the welfare of these majestic animals, they donate a percentage of their profits to the Millennium Elephant Foundation, who are affiliated with the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), and provide sanctuary, medical services, and care for working elephants.

The Process

  • First, elephant dung is dried, washed and disinfected, so that only clean fibre remains.
  • This fibre is sorted to remove all non-dung objects and elements.
  • The sorted fibre is boiled for at least four hours in a vat to ensure the fibres are clean and soft.
  • The boiled pulp is then put through pulp beaters.
  • Colours or dyes are added when the pulp is beaten in the beater.
  • The pulp is then mixed with water, and lifted up on flat sieves, to dry into reams of paper.
  • Once the paper has dried, it is either smoothed by stones or by passed through a machine to make it smooth and usable.

This acid-free, linen-like paper is made into sheets of paper, stationary, cards, and other exotic gifts, which are popular among many in the local population, as well as globally, showcasing Sri Lanka's unique sense of creativity and style.

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  3. Fulfillment of Customer’s order-specifications

  4. Customized packaging, as per buyer’s requirements

  5. Branding of products, as per customer’s branding requirements

  6. Availability of different types of delivery terms & conditions

  7. Handling of shipping procedures and delivery, as per buyers discretion

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