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Mosquito and other insect repellant products manufactured in Sri Lanka comprises of natural and herbal ingredients that are safe, effective and mild on the skin.
Code: H2-0401
Categories: Herbal Healthcare Products, Products
The products are available in various quantities for various necessities. The manufacturing process uses advanced technology and efficient production mechanisms to ensure the safety and reliability of the products.

Value Added Services


  1. Response to customer inquiries within 24 - 48 hours

  2. Quotation-submission, and in-detail discussion of finer details

  3. Fulfillment of Customer’s order-specifications

  4. Customized packaging, as per buyer’s requirements

  5. Branding of products, as per customer’s branding requirements

  6. Availability of different types of delivery terms & conditions

  7. Handling of shipping procedures and delivery, as per buyers discretion

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