Coconut Treacle

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Coconut Treacle is made by refining the sap extracted from the coconut tree. The treacle, having been refined, and manufactured in Sri Lanka, tends to have a flavor unique to the island.
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Sri Lankans use a wide variety of ingredients made out of the sap of the cut coconut flower. The sap is collected, boiled and concentrated to produce coconut treacle!

Low in glycimic index, and rich in minerals and amino acids, coconut treacle is an ideal food ingredient for diabetic patients, and improve detoxification and metabolism.

Whilst the harvesting and process methods are similar to the Kithul treacle, the coconut treacle is found to be far more popular worldwide for its uses. The market for coconut sugar has become quite demanding. Therefore the treacle that is used to produce the coconut sugar is highly sought after.

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