Dehydrated Fruits( Mango/Banana)

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Dehydrated fruit is widely viewed as a healthy snack.
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Dehydrated Mango

Compared to regular mango, dehydrated mango is much more concentrated in calories and carbohydrates. One-third cup of dried mango contains 160 calories. Most of the calories in dehydrated mango come from carbohydrates, because dried mango contains only small amounts of protein or fat.

Dehydrated mango is a good source of Vitamin A--20 percent of daily value--which plays a key role in cell growth, healthy vision and a robust immune system. Unlike regular mango, dehydrated mango does not contain high amounts of Vitamin C--only 2 percent of daily value. High amounts of water-soluble vitamins like Vitamin C are lost during the dehydrating process.

Dehydrated Banana

The bananas are always peeled before dehydrating. It can come in long slices (referred to as spears), round slices (referred to as chips), or chunks. Dehydrated bananas have no added sugar or preservatives. They taste just right and are not overly sweet, perfect for a snack when you are looking for an energy boost. Dehydrated Bananas are the perfect energy food: long on natural goodness and high in potassium. Great for a pre or post work-out snack. In Sri Lanka, Bananas can be grouped under three categories. Mysore, Kolikuttu and Cavendish bananas.

Ambul and Seeni bananas go under the first category, and are rather small and thin and turn yellow when ripe. There are about 40 different varieties of ‘Ambul’ itself, depending on the areas grown.

Kolikuttu bananas include Kolikuttu, Suwendel, Puwalu and Rath Kehel, these grow to be a little bigger or rather fatter than the first category and turn yellow when ripe.

Anamalu, Ambun, Bim Kehel, Nethrapalam and Dole are some of the Cavendish bananas common in the country. They are much bigger than the first two types and remain green when ripe. Nethrapalam however, is rather unique, as it turns red when ripe and is larger than the rest. It is also the most expensive type in Sri Lanka. All three types are equally popular among Sri Lankans.

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