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Gift packs of Tea are a delight for the tea connoisseur and beginning tea drinker alike. These come in a selection of handpicked Ceylon teas and herbs in a variety of subtle flavors coming from the most prestigious gardens and estates. Tea-lovers will always appreciate a thoughtfully chosen gift related to their favorite beverage.
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Ceylon Tea is much loved for its unmatched quality and variety in taste, character and appearance based on the different parts of its tea growing regions. The 7 agro climatic regions - Nuwara Eliya, Uva, Uda Pussellawa, Dimbula, Kandy, Ruhuna & Sabaragamuwa

The Low Grown teas produced in Sri Lanka below 2000-ft sea level, are known for their superior leaf appearance ’uniformly black’, highly valued in the Middle East for its quality and strong - reddish brewed liquor.

The High Growns, above 4000-ft sea level, on the other hand are known for their bright, coloury, brisk and aromatic liquors. High grown Ceylon teas do not share the dense, black colour of the quality low grown leaf being browner in leaf appearance, but have unsurpassed liquors ranging from light, bright golden colour to deep red.

Want to introduce someone to the diverse world of fine tea? The gift pack tea sets are the perfect way to get them started. Also, whether they are casual sippers or whole-leaf tea devotees, the gift of top-notch teas are sure to perk up their everyday routine.

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