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White pepper consists of the seed of the pepper plant alone, with the darker-colored skin of the pepper fruit removed.
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Their difference is that white pepper is composed without the pericarp. Pericarp contains much of the piperine, so the white corns are more aromatic and less strong, making it less strong than black pepper, but richer in flavor with sweet overtones.

Ground white pepper is often used in cream sauces, Chinese and Thai cuisine, and dishes like salad, light-colored sauces and mashed-potatoes, where black pepper would visibly stand out. White pepper has a slightly different flavor from black pepper, due to the lack of certain compounds present in the outer fruit layer of the drupe, but not found in the seed.

Specifications of Sri Lankan White Pepper:

: 12% Maximum
Pale white to Brownish white
: 570gl-630gl
High Aroma & High Pungent than any other origin
100% Natural
Free from All extraneous Matters/insects/Ash/Mammalian
Free from Foreign materials
: Sri Lanka
: Buyer requirement (Usually low quantity)

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