Dehydrated Kathurumurunga

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Kathurumurunga which is known as Sesbania grandiflora belongs to the bean family, Fabaceae.
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According to Sri Lankan ayurvedic treatment, the leaves are used as a cure for fever, sinus, and respiratory problems. It acts as a coolant and a worm-killer. The leaves are rich in Vitamin E and have the properties to kill germs, bacteria, and clear poison. The Kathurumurunga leaves can be made into a delicious tea which has antibiotic properties.

The juice of the leaves is used for the treatment of nausea, gout, and itchiness and leprosy. The leaves used as an energy-booster and a laxative. It is also a disinfectant for the mouth and throat. Regular intake of Kathurumurunga leaves helps in the prevention of weak bones and arthritis. Constipation and burning sensation in the body can be controlled by taking these leaves. Kathurumurunga leaves are boiled and given to mothers of new-born babies for healthy breast feeding. It is often recommended for indigestion and other digestion related problems. It is also known to restore the equilibrium of the mind.

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