It was never suprising that Sri Lanka is blessed with the ideal natural resources and climatic conditions for the growing of a variety of Fruits and Vegetables. These delicacies are highly sought after world-wide, in the form of a variety of ready-to-serve beverages, fruit juices and pulps, dehydrated and frozen fruit, canned fresh fruit, cordial, marmalade and jam etc.

In an age, where processed food with a high amount of salt, sugar and oil is being rejected by the majority of the consumers, we aim to maintain a culture of using innovative food processing methods with nutritious ingredients, to prepare food products that are high in taste and goodness.

Sri Lankan processed foods are produced and exported to the UK, USA, Australia, Spain and the Maldives in packaged, frozen or chilled form, and bulk orders for food connoisseurs, hoteliers and others in the food trade.
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